Having a personal trainer takes all the guesswork out of strength training and exercise. And trust me, between Ryan and I, there would be a lot of guesswork. That’s why Joel Shneider is our saving grace.

Joel, our personal trainer with Body By Bennett, explained to us that when one starts an exercise program the first thing to focus on is resetting the body using different soft tissue and mobility strategies.

We have had a handful of sessions with him so far. We’re working on developing proper movement patters like squatting and hip hinging. Every visit he gives us 20 minutes of homework a day to do. These are exercises that can be done at home using common household items like a broomstick, a doorframe, tennis balls and the couch.

Ryan and I are doing our exercises faithfully. Even when Ryan was on the road for work he had to improvise a bit, but was able to keep up with the program in the hotel room.

Joel says the next few weeks will have a strong emphasis on developing core strength so we can create a solid foundation so that the body will be more resilient and able to handle more intense forms of exercise.

We have a lot to look forward to, and we feel very happy to have a good trainer like Joel to teach us these very important principles.