EDMONTON -- It's official: Kids in Alberta will be heading back to school in the fall as the province moves forward with its relaunch plan.

The Ministry of Education has provided guidelines for parents and students in K-12 schools that they're asked to follow to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in schools.


The parents' guide covers recommendations for parents to check their children for symptoms every morning.

Kids with any COVID-19 symptoms, including fever, cough, shortness of breath or runny nose, will be asked to stay home.

The document also asks parents to pick up their kids immediately if they display any symptoms at school.

There are also talking points for parents to discuss health measures with their kids, including hand sanitization, social distancing and not sharing food or personal items.

Three additional documents provide information on how schools and parents can mitigate risks of outdoor activities and sports.


For playgrounds, schools must post signs instructing those who may have been exposed to coronavirus to not enter.

Kids playing on playgrounds must maintain two-metre physical distancing.

Playground equipment should be cleaned and disinfected before and after use and water fountains, which may remain open, should also be cleaned and disinifected frequently.

Read more about guidance for playgrounds on the province's website.


For outdoor fitness, there are additional recommendations for instructors to provide hand-washing stations or hand sanitizer for all kids taking part in activities.

Cheering, singing, hand-shaking and high-fiving will be discouraged as they're considered "high-risk activities."

Read all of the outdoor fitness recommendations on the province's website.


School sports will be allowed to take place as long as two-metre physical distancing is possible.

For sports that involve closer interaction, the province recommends they take place outdoors or be modified to keep participants at a safe distance.

For sports leagues, the province is recommending creating 50-person mini-leagues to help halt disease transmission. Each league can be comprised of multiple teams but only a total of 50 people.

Read all of the sports, physical activity and recreation guidelines here.

The province has also provided education videos on returning to elementary and high schools safely, each of which can be watched below.