Dozens filled the pews in a northeast Edmonton church on Sunday for its first service since a case of arson one year ago.

Highlands United Church was set on fire last September, and reopened for the first time since the incident Sunday morning. 

The church’s preschool had opened just four days before the blaze, with the teacher discovering the fire after seeing a man run out of the building.

Everything in the classroom had to be tossed after being destroyed or damaged from the fire, but now dozens of students are set to start class.

“We are now completely set up and completely refreshed and ready to start tomorrow. We have 30 kids who are excitedly waiting,” said preschool teacher Melanie Harmsma. “They’ve been waiting since the beginning of September.”

The person responsible for the 2018 blaze has still not been found.

Highlands United Church has been active in Edmonton since 1912. The building was built in 1926.