NEWS -- Albertans will "spring forward" on Saturday night as daylight saving time comes in to effect at 2 a.m., but will it be the last time change for the province?

With more jurisdictions moving away from seasonal time change, the Alberta government is considering following suit.

Last year the government asked more than 140,000 people if they'd like to do away with the time change.

The province says 91 per cent of people who took the survey said they'd like to stick to summer hours year-round.

On Friday, Jason Kenney addressed Alberta’s future plans on the matter, saying it's something the province needs to consider as surrounding jurisdictions and trending away from time change.

"I think it's becoming more and more obvious that our whole region in North America is moving in that direction," he said. “I personally support that idea, but we are going to complete our consultations before making a final decision."

In a statement Service Alberta Minster Nate Glubish said the province is in discussions with provinces in eastern Canada to consider moving forward in unison.

The minister also says there is no timeline for when a decision will be made, only that Albertans will have plenty of notice when it's decided.