EDMONTON -- A renovation in a north Edmonton home uncovered some unique artwork that the homeowners think dates back to the early 70s.

Brittney Warren and her family have lived in their house for seven years. Her daughter Emilee was removing a mirrored wall in the basement when she found something unusual.

"When I got to the second row off the top, I took it [the mirror] off, and I saw it was in the frame and it was the face of it," said Emilee. "It freaked me out, I kind of fell backwards a little bit, and I was like what is it?"

Under the wall of mirrors was a giant drawing of an Edmonton football player.

She said that she wasn't sure who the football player was – he's wearing number 10 in the mural – and it wasn't until her mom shared a photo online that they found out who he was.

The Edmonton quarterback in the mural is believed to be Bruce Lemmerman – who played for the team from 1971 to 1979.

He was the assistant coach in the early 80s and worked as the director of football operations until 1994.

"We think it was some kind of party, and someone decided to draw on the wall," said Emilee.

The family thinks the mural was created for the 1974 Grey Cup – Edmonton faced Montreal and lost 20-7 – because the wall is covered with writing and signatures from fans.

"It's got 'We're still number one even though we lost.'"


"It'd be cool to find who actually drew it, that'd be kind of neat to see if any recognized some of the signatures," said Brittney.

She says their family has no immediate plans to cover up the mural.

"We don't want to ruin it, so we're not going to paint it, so I don't know, we'll leave it up for now because it's kind of a time capsule, we'll probably cover it up eventually," said Brittney.

Brittney said they'll eventually hang up something like plaques so the mural underneath remains intact.