EDMONTON -- Two of Canada’s most iconic music venues are linking up on Wednesday for a unique performance. Edmonton’s Winspear centre is collaborating with the Peggy Corkum Music Room in Halifax for a special live stream concert.

Edmonton Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Robert Uchida will perform The Violin Speaks, a curated performance that spotlight celebrated composers including Bach and Prokofie. It will be performed on the stage of the Winspear and broadcast to a live audience in Halifax.

“I would say it’s like a captive audience,” laughs Uchida.

Captive because the audience will be sitting in the theatre seats not watching the live stream from their homes.

“I know from my own experiences from watching livestreams the telephone can ring or the doorbell can ring or there are all kinds of distractions,” says Uchida.

Nova Scotia is allowed to have small in-person audiences and Uchida can’t wait to play for an actual crowd.

“When you’re actually sitting in a concert hall you can put your whole being into focusing on that performance so it’s really nice, we’re starting to take a step back towards that.”

And it’s a step back across the country for Uchida who was the concertmaster at the Nova Scotia Symphony before joining the ESO. He is eager to show off his new home at the Winspear Centre.

“It’s really exciting in a way we get to share that actually with the rest of Canada. Unless you fly to Canada you wouldn’t get to experience this amazing space.”

Uchida will be playing with his wife and fellow ESO member Laura Veeze.

“She’s one of my most favourite chamber music partners in the world,” he said. “We fell in love playing music together and it’s great getting to play this together.”

The two love the energy of a live crowd and are eager to feel it again.

“There’s Q and A session at the end and during that session they’re going to show me the audience so I’m actually really excited to see an audience again it’s been so long.”

The concert will be live streamed to the theatre in Halifax, but you’ll also be able to view it on the ESO’s YouTube channel.