How far would you go to find your pet if it went missing?

Posters and newspaper ads weren’t good enough for one pet owner, who rented a billboard in Edmonton to help locate his black Labrador Retriever.

The dog went missing at the end of October after they visited the city and stayed at a pet-friendly west end hotel.

The hotel agreed to let the man put the sign up on their property and hotel staff even drove around the neighbourhood trying to find the dog.

“This is a person who really values his dog and I can appreciate that,” said Lillian Pushor, general manager of Quality Inn.

“They become a part of your family and for him, you know, it might be more than just a family member, so we were just happy to help.”

The sign is now covered with the word ‘found’ and a thank you to the people who helped reunite the dog and its owner.

Pushor said she’s happy staff did what they could to help reunite the owner with his dog.

“It’s gotten cold and we don’t want to see an animal die because they can’t find their owner. It’s a very happy ending. We’re really happy about this,” she said.

The company who owns the portable sign said it was the first time they’ve rented out a sign for a lost animal.

With files from Amanda Anderson