EDMONTON -- Some familiar faces are getting a second chance at success on a popular Canadian cooking show.

Masterchef Canada has invited a dozen former contestants back to compete in their all-new season.

Wainwright's Dora Cote couldn't be happier to be going back into the kitchen.

"When I got the call, I literally screamed like a school girl in my truck for five minutes I probably scared passersby but I was in a good spot," Cote said with a laugh.

The call was from a producer inviting her back to be one of 12 former contestants taking part in the upcoming season of Masterchef Canada: Back To Win.

"I don't quit. I do not quit," says Cote.

Cote wants another crack at cooking. The plumber from Wainwright was on season one of the show. She finished in 11th place.

Afterwards Cote went on to own a couple of restaurants, which didn't work out, so she took a job as a head chef but left that position after three years.

"I had to go back to plumbing for a little bit, make some money, be at home for my kid, so slinging some wrenches now and cooking for the brat."

Edmonton's Mai Nguyen is another Albertan back cooking on the show. She finished 4th on season four and things have changed in her world too.

"I quit my day job and threw myself into the food world and that's where I am staying here."

Nguyen, who owns a dumpling business, says you will see a different side of her this season.

"I feel like I was super timid the first time around really unsure of myself, but this time I'm a lot louder, I'm a lot bolder and just not afraid to hold back this time around."

And Cote isn't holding back either, as she is ready to plunge into the show with all she has.

"I am going to milk every opportunity that comes with it because you know what? I don't want to sling wrenches. They're really heavy!"

The third Albertan invited back is April Lee Baker from Calgary, she placed 5th on season three.

Masterchef Canada: Back To Win will air Sunday nights on CTV starting Feb. 14.