Police seized $2 million in drugs and cash and a dozen of people have been arrested after a two-year investigation by Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams.

Project Elder was investigating interprovincial, wholesale drug distribution between Alberta and British Columbia.

Police say drugs were shipped to Alberta in vehicles with hidden compartments.

The drugs were then allegedly shipped to Edmonton and Calgary and then distributed around the province.

Two homes, two businesses and several vehicles were searched during the course of the investigation, and cocaine, methamphetamine, and fentanyl powder was seized, along with a handgun with a suppressor and expanded magazine, $514,335 in cash, and five vehicles with hidden compartments.

The investigation originally started in March 2017 with an Edmonton-based drug trafficking group, before expanding the investigation to include the group’s suspected B.C.-based supplier.

Police say the investigation wrapped up on June 5.

Neil Kravets, 28, from North Vancouver has been charged with instructing a criminal organization, among other charges.

Eleven other people believed to belong to Kravet’s alleged drug ring were also arrested.

A total of 59 charges have been laid against:

  • Neil Kravets, 28, from North Vancouver;
  • Brandon Worsley, 29, from Edmonton;
  • Joseph Nicholson, 29, from Airdrie;
  • Brandon Brown, 22, from Edmonton;
  • Richard Sansoucy, 56, from Edmonton;
  • Gregory Ewald, 44, from Edmonton;
  • Fayiz Moghrabi, 28, from Vancouver;
  • Richard Chalifoux, 37, from Edmonton;
  • Suk Han, 35, from Vancouver;
  • Andy Estrada, 29, from Edmonton;
  • Daniel Estrada Sr., 58, from Edmonton; and
  • Moshe Banin, 31, from Edmonton;

The allegations have not been proved in court.