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New inter-city bus offering cheap trips from Edmonton to Calgary


A new inter-city bus service is up and running in Edmonton.

FlixBus is a low-cost bus service offering trips to Calgary, Red Deer and Lethbridge.

The Munich-based company took over Greyhound Lines Inc. in 2021. It started service in Edmonton on Friday.

There will be four daily trips from Edmonton to Calgary and Red Deer. One bus a day will travel to Lethbridge, with stops in Claresholm, Fort McLeod and Okotoks.

"Edmonton and Calgary, as much as we may feel there's a rivalry, there's also tons of mutual connections and families and friends. So just enabling more of that visiting, connecting, I think it's a really positive thing," said Edmonton Coun. Anne Stevenson.

FlixBus has new stops at the Edmonton International Airport, Southgate and Jasper Avenue and 115 Street.

A one-way ticket to Calgary ranges from around $14 to $30, depending on the time of year – but they can go for less.

Casey Abramovitch scored a ticket to Calgary for $1 on Friday.

"I don't know how, but we'll take it," he said.

As someone without a car, Abramovitch appreciates having another affordable option for travel.

"It's great. It's so much cheaper than having a vehicle, and insurance, and gas prices and car payments," he added. "It's a lot easier for sure."

Coun. Michael Janz said he sometimes takes the bus to Calgary when he needs to travel. It gives him peace of mind, he said, and prevents time lost to travel.

"I can read a book, I can relax, I can do my emails. It's great," Janz said.

Janz said Edmonton has seen a 27 per cent increase in ridership on city buses from last year, and he believes many Edmontonians – especially younger ones – are looking for more environmentally-friendly travel options.

"Not just to driving but to the airlines as well," Janz said. "We know that short-haul airline flights are notoriously bad for our climate … so this is not only an alternative in terms of saving money, but saving the planet too."

Rob Lomavatu heard about the new bus routes while on vacation in Mexico. He said it was cheaper and easier to take a $27 bus ride back to Calgary.

"Seemed simplest honestly, and easier than catching another flight," he added.

For more information or to book a seat visit the FlixBus website. Top Stories

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