EDMONTON -- A new crossing and kilometre-long pathway that look to ease access to Commonwealth Stadium and Stadium LRT station have opened. 

The new developments were built on the site of the Muttart Lumber Lands and will eventually be a part of an urban neighbourhood with 1,000 residential units. 

"Having access to the light rail transit, convenient, safe access is critical," said Richard Westren with Brookfield Residential. "Also having the convenient crossing to get across to the stadium was very important to us as well."

The area was once surrounded by fences, forcing football fans and commuterds to take the long way around.  Now, the upgrades allow easier access for pedestrians as well as a road crossing of the train tracks for vehicles. 

"It means people don't need to go to the underground concourse," said Erik Backstrom with the City of Edmonton. "They can just walk straight on to the concourse .. provided the train is not coming." 

You'll need a prepaid LRT pass or ticket already in hand to do that. 

The project cost the city $12 million to complete. It says there are plans to build a new LRT station in the area by 2022. 

With files from David Ewasuk