EDMONTON -- Premier Jason Kenney says the province is doing everything it can to ensure every Alberta gets their COVID-19 immunization, including considering incentives for getting vaccinated.

In a media availability Friday, following a funding announcement for students in K-3 who have fallen behind in their learning due to the pandemic, Kenney was asked if the province is considering offering incentives for Albertans who receive their vaccines.

Several businesses in Alberta have offered perks, discounts, free food or beverages for those who have been immunized against COVID-19. The University of Lethbridge created a contest to grant free tuition to nine lucky vaccinated students.

States like Ohio down south have created vaccination lotteries as an incentive to help boost the number of people receiving vaccinations.

“We want to leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting as many people vaccinated as possible,” Kenney said.

He added that he has asked the province’s health department to consider implementing creative incentives to encourage vaccinations.

“We’ll take a look at that,” Kenney said. “As soon as we start to see a significant decline in first dose demand, we will consider options like that.”

The premier said there are other “creative” efforts already underway that are helping drive vaccination numbers including setting up temporary clinics, reaching out to employers of large work sites, breaking down barriers to accessing vaccines, and sending a mail-out to every home in the province.

“We’ll be sending out a lot more information to people who might be hesitating or on the fence about getting vaccinated,” he said.

“Vaccines are (Albertans) ticket back to normal, and to reclaiming all of our freedoms,” Kenney said. “The vaccines are safe and they are effective.”

The province has already unveiled a marketing campaign to help drive the number of people booking appointments for a first dose. Another one with “refreshed” messaging will also be released in the near future.

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“I think there is nothing more Albertan than doing something together to help others, and that’s exactly what getting the jab means.

“Maybe incentives like that will be helpful,” Kenney said. “No decision have been made at this point.”