EDMONTON -- After making appearances in Utah, California and Romania, the mysterious monolith has been spotted in Edmonton.

The shining metal objects emerging around the world have sparked a flurry of memes and even conspiracy theories online.

While Edmontonians may be flocking to the city’s south side to catch a glimpse of the metal structure, there is a sound explanation for how it got there.

“I think we made a monolith,” Brent Siermachesky, the general manager at Alberta Custom Metal Fabricators, said.

“They’ve been popping up all over the world and we thought Edmonton needs one also.”

With business being slower than usual because of the pandemic, Siermachesky explained it helped free up some time for the crew to make the metal formation a reality.

“Everyone was on board pretty darn quick. We do some different, interesting things around our shop [including] art projects around the city. We actually built the Edmonton Oilers dressing room doors for the new arena. This is just one more thing of our unique stuff we build.”

The local monolith is 10 feet tall, 250 pounds and made of galvanized steel.

“There’s a lot of negativity in the world right now,” Siermachesky said.

“This is just a little something to make people chuckle when they drive by and say, ‘Hey look we got one of those in Edmonton now too.’”

To snap a picture of the structure head to 5924-99 St. NW.