EDMONTON -- Alberta Opposition Leader Rachel Notley says she hasn't decided when she will return to the legislature chamber.

Notley was tossed out on Tuesday for refusing to apologize after accusing government house leader Jason Nixon of misleading the house.

Notley says the Speaker's office has made it clear to her that she must apologize before she will be allowed back.

"Normally I would be quite busy at this time of day, but suddenly my calendar is wide open," Notley said at a rally supporting nurses in the province.

Notley was ousted during questions about a bill that directs election commissioner Lorne Gibson be fired.

Gibson has been investigating fundraising violations by Premier Jason Kenney's United Conservative Party.

Notley objected after Nixon told the house that under the bill no one is to be fired.

She says her caucus is looking for ways to stop the bill, and adds that even by introducing it, Kenney has earned the dubious title of “the most corrupt and anti-democratic premier in the history of the country.”

She says she can't find another example in Canada where a premier or prime minister shut down a quasi-judicial inquiry into his or her actions.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 20, 2019.