EDMONTON -- A coalition of Asian Canadian community groups has relaunched a tool to document incidents of COVID-19-fuelled racism. 

Act2endracism's online and text-based reporting system was originally designed for the financial and mortgage industry. 

It's now being used to register racial incidents stemming from the pandemic. 

"Racism is ugly and we wanted to make reporting easier and more supportive. It’s quick and easy to use. We encourage people to share their experiences to build community,” said former Calgary MLA Teresa Woo-Paw, of Action, Chinese Canadians Together (ACCT) Foundation. 

The texting and online reporting tool uses a virtual helper named, ‘Mei’, which takes a victim through a series of questions to document an incident.

"We offer support to victims and it allows bystanders to file a report if they witness an attack. If you are injured and in immediate danger you should call 911," said Judy Hanazawa with the Greater Vancouver -Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association.

The reporting tool can be found online at Act2endracism.ca or by texting 587-507-3838.