EDMONTON -- The Alberta College of Optometrists wants to patients to know that while their storefronts are closed, they can still serve a limited amount of customers for urgent or emergency issues.

Friday, the Province announced additional restrictions for non-essential businesses such as clothing stores, gaming and hobby stores, and non-essential healthcare locations. 

"It’s up to the optometry offices to decide if they want to completely close or be available for the urgent, critical, and emergent care – so you want to reduce the impact to the emergency rooms," said Dr. Nasir Khan. "You don’t want something that can be handled by an optometrist going to an emergency room when they are already overloaded with everything else that is going on."

The college is asking it’s members and patients to push routine appointments off for a later date and to opt for "direct to home" shipping for items like contacts or glasses instead of having them delivered to the optometry office. 

Dr. Khan added that people should call their optometrist's office if they feel like they are having an issue with their eyes instead of going to the hospital.