Heritage Minutes have highlighted important moments in Canadian history for years.

Those 60 second clips have inspired an Ottawa couple to visit locations connected to them.

Yes, all 90 locations.

“We both grew up watching them on TV, so they’re absolutely part of our childhood,” Jim Ellwood said.

“They’re generally things you don’t necessarily learn about in school,” Rebecca Bartlett said.

The series of road trips started a year and a half ago. Now, they’re in the midst of the longest road trip they’ve embarked on in the last 18 months, from their home to Vancouver and back.

The long drive includes a stop in Edmonton – their first destination was Emily Murphy’s house.

“What she’s most famous for is with the Famous Five, also advocating for women to be able to be in the senate,” Bartlett said.

The couple's next stop was a visit to the University of Alberta Archives to learn about Sam Steele, a top Mountie during the gold rush.

After that, a plaque commemorating the Edmonton Grads basketball team from the early 20th century.

Finding that plaque at Commonwealth Stadium was a feat in itself.

“Officially the hardest location to find I think,” Ellwood said.

The couple plans to head to northern Saskatchewan next.

They say they’ve enjoyed the adventure, but know it isn’t for everyone.

“You don’t necessarily have to go to these lengths to have a similar experience,” Bartlett said.

With files from Jeremy Thompson