EDMONTON -- A COVID-19 outbreak at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute has infected three cardiology patients.

Alberta Health Services said contract tracing teams have begun working to find how the outbreak started and the disease was transmitted.

The patients, all in the cardiology unit, are isolating and being treated.

Their condition is unknown.

While the Mazankowski is continuing to offer full service, AHS spokesperson Kerry Williamson said “there is the potential for reduced services.”

The unit has been closed to all visitors.

“This is a difficult step, as we recognize the benefit visitors bring to our patients; however it is a necessary step to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, and to keep our patients, physicians and visitors safe,” Williamson said.

“Patients will continue to receive the care they need, when they need it. We will continue to work proactively to minimize the impact of these challenges, to ensure patients continue to receive the care they need and that our staff have safe working conditions.”

According to AHS, the University of Alberta’s emergency department remains under ‘watch’ after a small but undeclared number of staff tested positive one week earlier.

Williamson said there have been no new or potential cases reported there for more than seven days.