A real estate agent is bringing velociraptor-fast attention to a St. Albert home that has been on the market for nearly three months.

Erin Hettle placed a number of dinosaurs in and around a home listed on Century 21 around 80 days ago.

“In real estate right now with it being so saturated, you have to be prepared to go outside the box and do creative things,” Hettle said. “Instead of seeing a house, all of a sudden it takes you by surprise, and you’re like, ‘did I just see a dinosaur?’”

The stunt has been pulled before—in New York and Texas.

“This is the fourth time it’s been done, so it’s kind of losing its cache,” said Colin Babiuk, a professor in the MacEwan University School of Business.

But showings have tripled since Hettle decided to bring some roar to the St. Albert home.

“This is generating more excitement than I really anticipated it to.”

With files from Matt Woodman