Wednesday marked Edmonton’s warmest Jan. 2 on record.

In the last 10 years, Edmontonians have only seen above-zero weather three times on this date. The previous record high was set in 2007, at 7.7 degrees.

At its peak at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Edmonton’s temperature reached 7.9 degrees.

The mild winter weather had a warm reception by skaters at the Victoria Park Oval who skipped the jackets and donned shorts, and builders at the soon-to-open ice castle in Hawrelak Park.

 “A couple days of this kind of weather, no sweat at all,” said Christian Denis, Ice Castles site manager.

“The fluctuations is actually a good thing because when it gets warm and then it freezes really quick, there's some really neat formations that happen.”

On days like Wednesday, the ice castle workers focus on refining the structure rather than building it up.

“Seeing as the opening is only in a couple days, turn the sprinkler down and we work on making sure the floors are nice and safe. Fine tune the slide. Get all the features ready make sure it's clean and safe,” Denis explained.

Edmonton’s coldest Jan. 2 was in 1950, when the temperature was recorded at -41 degrees. The average high and low the date is -6 and -14 degrees, respectively.

Wednesday’s warmth is expected to be short lived, however. Next week’s forecast highs are in the minus double digits.

With files from Nicole Weisberg