A Red Deer couple says their vehicle was vandalized because of the election sign they displayed on their lawn.

Dirk and Kerstin Heuer says someone used a key to write “F*** NDP” and “F*** You” on their black SUV in response to the NDP sign on their lawn.

“They scratched the car, we have two flat tires and it looks like they urinated against the handle,” Dirk told CTV News.

“I was surprised; I couldn't really believe this happened to us.”

Barb Miller, NDP candidate in Red Deer South, condemned the vandalism.

"We have been running this campaign with a focus on positivity, and it pains me to hear of this vandalism….I denounce the vandalism and intimidation we have witnessed this week, and I call on all other candidates to do the same."

The Heuers moved to Canada from Germany 15 years ago. They are permanent residents, so they are not eligible to vote in the election, but they say if they could vote, it would be for the NDP.

“We just want to stand up for our beliefs and to show that if we were to vote that this is what we are standing for,” Kerstin said.

The Heuers say the cost of the damage to the vehicle is $2,500. They got an estimate to fix it, but they haven’t had the work done in case there is more vandalism before the election.

“Somebody asked us, oh, do you still want to plant your sign, do you want to show it? And I guess we have to because we need to show that we don't get intimidated by this event and we want to show our girls that you have to stand up,” Dirk said.

The Heuers have filed a complaint with the RCMP about the vandalism.