EDMONTON -- The renovation of a more than century-old building is the latest effort to revitalize the eastern part of Edmonton's downtown. 

The 108-year-old Pendennis Building is undergoing an overhaul and hopes to reopen by the fall. 

No tenants have yet to be confirmed, but the developer backing the building is hopeful of turning the former hotel into a modern workplace for a business, restaurant or microbrewery. 

"It's going to be a mixture of the old historic elements in the history of this building combined with some new elements and [become] just a really funky place," said Ed Cyrankiewicz of the Pendennis Hotel Development Corporation. 

The building is on the edge of the city's Quarters neighbourhood where attracting and keeping business investment has proved challenging. 

"There have been investors, developers I think skittish about going in there," said Coun. Scott McKeen. 

"People hold back until they're confident." 

Cyrankiewicz hopes the renovated Pendennis Building combined with the Valley Line LRT will draw businesses to the area. 

With files from Dan Grummett