EDMONTON -- The Royal Canadian Mint released a special medal Monday meant to recognize the everyday heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The wearable recognition medal was designed as a symbol of gratitude for essential workers and others who have helped keep Canadians safe, healthy and connected through the COVID-19 crisis.

Mint employees from Winnipeg and Ottawa volunteered their time and expertise to package the medal, using resources from spare materials.

One side of the medal shows a heart and maple leaf icon, said to represent the collective spirit of Canadians.

The other side has a group with a heart in the centre, meant to represent Canadians’ appreciation for essential workers.

All of the net proceeds from sales of the medal will go to the Breakfast Club of Canada’s COVID-19 emergency fund, helping families experiencing food insecurity through the pandemic.

"This project is a meaningful way for the Mint to contribute to a cause that is helping Canadians from coast to coast to coast and to say a sincere, tangible thank you to the people who keep making a difference for all of us during this pandemic," Marie Lemay, President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint, said in a news release.

"This is a true team effort led by countless Mint employees who donated their time, skills and expertise, and I couldn't be more proud to join them in recognizing truly special Canadians while raising much-needed funds for Breakfast Club of Canada."

Royal Canadian Mint COVID-19

West Edmonton Coin & Stamp has made the 2020 Recognition Medal available for its customers.

“It seems like just about anybody that you talk to really does want to help or give back in some way,” Tim Hanson, marketing manager for West Edmonton Coin & Stamp, told CTV News Edmonton.

“But not everyone has the immediate means or access to an ability to, so something like the recognition medal is a great way to get something like that going."

The nickel-plated steel medal includes a magnet so it can be worn.

The medal is available for $9.95 in Edmonton coin stores and online.