EDMONTON -- Every Saturday members of the Sikh community will provide free groceries to families in need.

The initiative originally got its start seven years ago handing out meals to more than 400 people.

However, due to COVID-19 the organization had to pivot once large gatherings were no longer permitted. 

For the last six weeks volunteers have been packing grocery hampers every Friday with donated supplies. 

On Saturdays, they set up a tent in front of Hope Mission in Sherwood Park and distribute the hampers to roughly 300 vehicles. 

“It’s very simple, we don’t ask anyone their name or ID or anything like that,” Manjit Nerval a volunteer with Sikhs for Humanity, said. 

“Everybody is welcome regardless of race, colour or religion. We don’t care about that, we want to help out our fellow human beings.”

food hampers

Nerval told CTV News Edmonton, most of the groceries come from the Sikh Community. 

“We are doing well, our business is doing well so we want to give back to our brothers and sisters who are going through difficult times,” he said. 

According to Nerval, the group plans to continue the service for the foreseeable future. 

They also have plans for a permanent building in Downtown Edmonton at 97 Street and 109 Avenue. The facility is expected to be open to serve the public by the summer. 

“Sikh teaching is very simple,” Nerval said.

“It teaches us that we are one, it doesn’t matter what we believe in, we are all children of one creator so we try to do our part to help out our fellow citizens.” 

Anyone who is interested in donating or volunteering to the cause can head to the Sikhs for Humanity Facebook page.