The contractor behind the signaling system for the Metro LRT Line has issued a statement in response to an incident that saw two trains ended up on the same track over the weekend.

On Saturday morning, Edmonton Transit said a software issue prompted a train moving north from Kingsway to NAIT onto the wrong track. That train ended up heading towards another train already on that track at the NAIT station.

The system stopped the train before any potential collision took place – officials said the train was backed up and switched to the other track.

Taryn Oseen is a student at NAIT, and she told CTV News the incident has her concerned.

“It’s a little freaky I guess,” Oseen said. “You never know what could happen, that’s why I always sit at the back of the train, in case it happens.”

That incident came after a system error in October when crossing arms lifted at an intersection before the train had passed through.

The City and the contractor, Thales, are investigating the incidents. Meanwhile, trains are moving at slower speeds.

Later Monday, Thales issued a statement in response to the incidents:

“Thales takes this issue very seriously. The reliability of our system for the residents of Edmonton is our top priority. Thales provided immediate, on-the-ground assistance to Edmonton Transit Service and is working collaboratively with the City of Edmonton officials.

“At no time was passenger safety compromised. We continue to work in close partnership with the City of Edmonton in resolving this issue.”

With files from Bill Fortier