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'This is the right time': Edmonton rapper Cadence Weapon updates lyrics for McDavid song for 2024 Stanley Cup run


Oilers excitement knows no bounds as fans cheer from all over the world, but one Edmonton-born rapper's fandom goes beyond the cheers.

Born and raised in Oil Country, Cadence Weapon, formally known as Roland Pemberton, joined CTV Morning Live on Friday praising the Oilers' current Stanley Cup run with a new rendition of his 2017 song Connor McDavid.

Kent: Let's talk about this new version of a song that's been out there for a while. What inspired you to lay down the new lyrics?

Cadence Weapon: It's funny, I've been asked many times by fans whether I could do an updated version. I feel like I'm Windows 95 or something, I have to make a new version every year. Finally we got into the Stanley Cup Final, and I thought "this is the right time." It feels like the right team. I was just proud to run to the studio and make a new version.

Kent: Speaking of running to the studio, they clinched this thing not that long ago. You've already come out with this new song. How quick was the turnaround?

Cadence Weapon: It was the quickest turnaround for anything I've ever done my entire career. Basically, I rewrote the song on Monday, went to the studio Tuesday, sent it into the label on Wednesday, and it's out on all platforms today.

Kent: Wow, that's in a hurry. That is incredible stuff. Now, the song, obviously named Connor McDavid, has he heard this version or the previous version?

Cadence Weapon: He's heard the previous version. Actually, he heard it live on television on Hockey Night in Canada. And Connor said, "yeah, my buddies told me about the song. Yeah, it's pretty cool."

Kent: We're going to have to get it into the iPhones of all the players down there in Florida because you mentioned a lot of those players that are currently on the team… I want to read you one specific lyric here. It says, "Where were you in '06, I was on Whyte Ave. getting lit." Now, are we sure the statute of limitations has passed on the riots on Whyte Avenue. You're not admitting any culpability here, are you?

Cadence Weapon: No, this is a bit of a play on words. We had all the fires and the garbage cans and stuff… that wasn't me. I just happened to live off Whyte Avenue at that time. It's just a little bit of nostalgia for back in the day. Hopefully we have a lot more energy – maybe not that far – but hopefully people get excited.

Kent: It certainly elicits an image with that line, which is exactly what you're trying to do. I love it. Do you have any plans to take in any games in person?

Cadence Weapon: Yeah, I'm actually heading to Edmonton this weekend, I'm gonna shoot a music video for Conor McDavid. So take a look on my socials for that information. It's going to be a lot of fun.

Kent: Do you think you're gonna be able to find anybody in Oilers gear to be in your video?

Cadence Weapon: You know, I think that should be probably hard in Edmonton around this time of year. Maybe I'll find one or two people with jerseys, I hope.

Kent: I think you'll be fine. Cadence Weapon is always representing Edmonton. He's out with a new song that you can play all weekend long through an Oilers victory and looking forward to the music video coming out. Thanks again for joining us. Congratulations on turning this song around so quickly.

Cadence Weapon: Thanks for having me.

You can listen to Cadence Weapon's 2024 Stanley Cup version of Connor McDavid on streaming platforms including YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

The Edmonton Oilers face the Florida Panthers on Saturday at 6 p.m. MT.