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Thousands march in downtown Edmonton in support of ceasefire in Gaza

Palestinian flags and signs demanding a ceasefire in Gaza filled the streets in downtown Edmonton Sunday.

Thousands of demonstrators marched from the Alberta legislature, calling for a ceasefire and carrying a metres-long cloth scroll bearing the names of the more than 11,000 people who have been reportedly killed in the region since the war began.

"There's some scenes that you see over there where parents are looking for an arm, for a leg, for a shoe – trying to identify their kids," said organizer Moustafa Zarandah.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dismissed urgent international calls for a ceasefire without the release of the nearly 240 hostages captured by Hamas.

Canada has called for a humanitarian pause.

"It's 2023, we don't have the courage to call for a ceasefire?" Zarandah asked.

People here in Edmonton have been watching the devastation in Gaza in despair, he said, adding he's lost family members on both sides of his family.

"We are watching a genocide, we are watching it being televised," Zarandah said.

Heavy fighting rages near main Gaza hospital and people trapped inside say they cannot flee

The demonstration was organized to draw attention to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, but it was also a chance to rally for local support for Edmontonians in need.

Protesters were asked to bring non-perishable food items for the Edmonton Food Bank.

"We decided to do a food bank drive and we will continue with making events like that and helping Edmontonians with our events, because we are part of this community," Zarandah said. Top Stories

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