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Two high-profile conservatives post video in support of Alberta NDP


Multiple Progressive Conservatives are making it known that they will not be voting for the United Conservative Party.

Doug Griffiths and Thomas Lukaszuk have both posted videos to Twitter endorsing NDP candidates and speaking out against the UCP in the upcoming provincial election – and it all comes down to Danielle Smith and the direction the UCP is going.

"I am not NDP, but in this election the stakes are too high to gamble," Lukaszuk said in a May 2 video where he endorsed NDP candidate Joan Chand'oiseau.

A former Progressive Conservative deputy premier and MLA, Lukaszuk is one of a handful of high-profile conservatives endorsing NDP candidates in their ridings. He said he doesn't trust the UCP's leadership under Danielle Smith.

"There comes a time where you have to make a decision that is good for the province and our future and where you set aside silly partisan gamesmanship," he told CTV News Edmonton Monday.

Doug Griffiths, former Progressive Conservative minister of municipal affairs cabinet member, posted his own video on May 19 endorsing an NDP candidate and speaking out against the UCP government.

"We don't need more radical ideas and anger, we need leadership and people who can represent our communities in the legislature, that's why I'm supporting Taneen Rudyck," Griffiths said in the video.

Griffiths said his decision is motivated in part by Danielle Smith's Sovereignty Act and how she has responded as Premier to certain issues.

"I've seen her time and again, say one thing and do the exact opposite," he said.

He's also worried about the party's involvement with Take Back Alberta, a far-right grassroots group.

"I don't believe the UCP party is conservative anymore," Griffiths said. "They are conspiratorial, they are feeding anger.

"They are anti-science, anti-truth, anti-fact."

Political science professor Duane Bratt said the endorsements could help the NDP secure a win on May 29.

"Anytime you get an endorsement, it helps," he said Monday. "And so they're trying to portray them as a more centrist, centre-left type party."

Win or lose, Bratt said the UCP will face a turbulent future.

"It is not the united party and we saw that with the breakdown over Jason Kenney and the very narrow leadership win by Danielle Smith," he added.

Advanced voting opens Tuesday in Alberta. Election day is Monday, May 29. Top Stories

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