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'We couldn't be more thrilled': Downtown LRT stations to play symphony recordings

Bay/Enterprise Square LRT Station in downtown Edmonton on May 19, 2022 (John Hanson/CTV News Edmonton). Bay/Enterprise Square LRT Station in downtown Edmonton on May 19, 2022 (John Hanson/CTV News Edmonton).

Symphony music will begin playing throughout downtown LRT stations thanks to a pilot program introduced by the City of Edmonton and the Winspear Centre.

LRT patrons waiting for their train will now hear recorded audio sessions from the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (ESO) beginning Tuesday.

Annemarie Leenhouts-Petrov, president and CEO of the Winspear Centre and ESO, said she "couldn't be more thrilled" for patrons to hear the curated playlist of ESO's song recordings.

"While awaiting the LRT, you can now enjoy the amazing artistry and passion of the professional musicians that make up your ESO, experiencing delicate melodies to thundering crescendos, moments of tension, joy and exhilaration," Leenhouts-Petrov said in a release. "It is a great honour to pilot this initiative to feature local musicians and artists' works as a way of contributing to a vibrant and welcoming downtown Edmonton."

The playlist will feature classical composers such as Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, music from Broadway and Hollywood movies as well as music from Edmonton's own John Estacio.

Tom Girvan, the director of Downtown Vibrancy and Safe City, stated that programs like this can have a big impact for creating a pleasant experience for patrons travelling in the downtown area.

"We have an incredible arts community in our downtown core, especially with the Arts District at its heart, and we want to find new and exciting ways to make it accessible for people visiting the neighbourhood, whether it’s through music, a mural or an activation," Girvan said in a release.

The program will broadcast the recorded music through the LRTs PA system at Government Centre, Corona, Bay/Enterprise Square, Central, Churchill and MacEwan LRT stations from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily.

In order to keep patrons informed, the PA system will revert back to normal station and train announcements when necessary.