Police are using a Friday morning weapons complaint to remind the public to be cautious with Halloween props.

EPS responded to a call in the area of 144 Ave. and 58 St. Friday morning where a student was walking around wearing a Halloween mask and what appeared to be a real gun. Police later clarified the gun was a fake costume prop.    

Steele Heights Junior High School and St. Dominic Elementary School had been put in to a lock down but was lifted after approximately an hour. EPS say that even though it was more of a misunderstanding than anything, criminal charges are not out of the question.

As Halloween gets closer, police remind citizens that fake costume props could be mistaken for real ones.

Citizens are encouraged to follow these rules to ensure everyone can have fun and stay safe:

  • Never play with a fake gun or fake weapon in public.
  • Don’t point a fake gun or fake weapon at another person, even if you’re joking.
  • If you’re carrying a fake gun or fake weapon and a police officer sees you, put the weapon down and do exactly what the officer tells you.