EDMONTON -- The west Valley Line LRT is scheduled to begin construction in 2021, clearing a final hurdle by the provincial government.

Minister of Transportation Ric McIver sent out an official letter to Mayor Don Iveson on Twitter Friday evening  that said despite some concerns, the province is willing to get the West Valley Line LRT Funding Agreement going.

“We were already in the procurement phase when they started this review, “ said Andrew Knack, Ward 1 Councillor.

“We were quite confident that everything we had done would be held up quite well and I think the review by the province shows we have done everything the way that we said.”

The project will cost approximately $2.7 billion dollars, with both the federal and provincial governments previously committing $1 billion each.

According to the city it’s anticipated it will take one year to secure a contractor for the project, and a further five to six years to complete construction, spurring jobs along the way.

“I think there’s a recognition that not only do they create immediate jobs and thousands of jobs for a number of years but there’s still the long-term need that municipalities have for infrastructure like this,” said Knack.

The Valley Line will operate between Mill Woods in southeast Edmonton and Lewis Farms in the west-end.

“Having access to transit like this is is so critical for the long-term success and viability of our city,” added Knack.

“To be able to jump onto a transit system and yes, still transfer, but transfer to a high-speed, efficient system that is constantly running people back and forth, that opens up the city in a way that it wasn’t previously open.”

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Amanda Anderson