The trial of the man accused of killing Lyle and Marie McCann, a St. Albert couple who vanished six years ago, continued Monday – with testimony from a man who said he saw the accused, Travis Vader, driving a vehicle similar to the one owned by the missing couple.

Myles Ingersoll testified Monday, and told court he visited a friend – known to some as Bandana Dave - in the town of Peers in July 2010,

When Ingersoll got there, he testified he saw Travis Vader outside as well, driving a particular type of vehicle – he said Vader seemed to be upset and said he had to leave.

When asked about the vehicle Vader drove away in, Ingersoll described it: “It was a smaller…like an SUV type, green-coloured vehicle.”

Ingersoll’s testimony went on to say that days later, his friend ‘Bandana’ Dave Olsen phoned him, and said “The vehicle Travis had, was the same one that was in the paper.”

Lyle and Marie McCann were last seen driving their motorhome, with their green Hyundai Tucson towed behind it, as the left St. Albert on July 3, 2010.

The Crown contends the missing couple, Lyle and Marie McCann, were murdered by Vader in July of 2010, the motorhome they were travelling in was set on fire, and their SUV was stolen.

Their bodies have never been found.

The defence has suggested there isn’t enough evidence to prove the couple is dead, and that RCMP should have pursued other suspects.

Vader has pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder.

Under cross-examination, Ingersoll was asked about a recorded phone call he made later in 2010, where he told another friend he didn’t know anything. The witness told defence lawyer Brian Beresh the phone call was a lie, because he didn’t want to be involved.

Ingersoll also said the accused could, at times, be confrontational. However, the day he saw Vader in Peers, Ingersoll told court Vader appeared upset and on the run.

The trial is in its fifth week, and continues Tuesday.

With files from David Ewasuk and The Canadian Press