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Woman who claims she was attacked by dogs that killed boy in south Edmonton plans legal action against owner


The lawyer representing a woman who says she was attacked by two dogs that last week killed an 11-year-old boy in south Edmonton said she plans to take legal action against the animals' owner.

Lawyer Raj Bhogal told CTV News Edmonton on Monday his client says she was attacked in the backyard when she was visiting a friend at the home in February.

"This incident and learning of the incident did retrigger her trauma or at least make it worse," Bhogal said.

Last Monday, 11-year-old Kache Grist was attacked and killed by the two dogs at the southeast Edmonton home where his father rents a home from the dogs' owner.

Grist, who lived in British Columbia with his mother, was visiting his father, Wesley Grist, during his school's spring break when the fatal attack occurred.

Wesley Grist told media on Sunday he doesn’t think the dogs, which were seized by animal control and are believed to be Cane Corsos, were aggressive with people.

Bhogal said his client was hospitalized for several days following the February attack with a punctured lung, broken ribs and several cuts and lacerations to her body.

He said he believes police passed his client's case to city animal control.

"Generally when there's a an incident like this that does not involve, loss of life or threat of loss of life, then oftentimes, the police will pass the baton over to animal control," Bhogal said.

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s Nav Sangha Top Stories

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