EDMONTON -- Jean Henderson was at a loss for words as she passed a cheque to the SPCA for a grand total she thought might never be possible.

“So on behalf of my daughter, my husband, everybody else who has helped me get to this $20,000 which is just... I have no words for it,” Jean said as she was overcome with emotion.

This was the culmination of a year’s worth of work, making masks and selling them.

She was finally able to cross the $20,000 finish line with help from Sherwood Park business Those Guys Garage, who bought out all her remaining masks.

Jean Henderson's masks

The retired Jean Henderson started humbly, by wanting to make just a few masks and sell them, but as the fundraiser was successful her ambitions grew.

Her daughter Barb Henderson joked, “Mom kept saying, ‘Oh we'll stop, it will stop at $5,000. Oh we'll stop at $10,000, we'll stop at $15,000,’ well finally mums like, ‘Okay let's go for the $20,000 and that’s going to be it!’”

The money is greatly appreciated by the SPCA which, like most charitable organizations, has suffered during the pandemic.

“So much of the work that we do is dependent on Albertans supporting us and Jeanne Henderson has done an amazing job of taking what is a negative situation in Alberta and turning it into a positive,” said SPCA communications manager Dan Kobe.

“Certainly we all need those positive stories right now, they keep us going while we wait to get through the pandemic.”

Those Guys Garage also plans to sell the masks they purchased and donate that money to the SPCA as well. If you would like to pick one up they are located at 241 Portage Close in Sherwood Park.