EDMONTON -- As the demand for health products and services continues to exceed the supply, many Alberta businesses are taking on new ventures to help bridge the gap.

The province says more than 1,100 business have offered to help as part of the Bits and Pieces initiative, including a garment manufacturing company in Calgary shifting its focus from the energy and constructions sectors to public health.

"If you can make this shirt and pant, you can make this gown, that’s not a big pivot, , it’s totally doable with the equipment but there is a learning curve involved and then you have to build up the capacity," said Adrian Bussoli of Alberta Garment.

Alberta Garments says the government’s Bits and Pieces program announcement on Friday has already helped them increase production

"We had a person reach out to us based on the press announcement from the government that the premier gave. They want to donate fabric for us to use for masks, which means we can just make it more affordable."

In Edmonton, one distillery has been shifted its focus to producing hand sanitizer, and says it’s unexpectedly moved some of its alcohol as well.

"People are grabbing sanitizer and they are grabbing bottles too because they look at these companies in Alberta are doing this to support their economy," said Adam Smith of Strathcona Spirits.

Both alberta businesses have not ruled out the possibility of continuing production of these new products once the pandemic comes to and end... Saying they hope it reaffirms the need produce, and buy domestically.