EDMONTON -- An Alberta man is combining his love of hockey history with a passion for Lego to tell a story familiar to Edmonton Oilers fans.

For the past two weeks, Joel Cadieux has been posting to social media images of Lego figures recounting how Peter Pocklington came to own the hockey club. 

“There’s a small crowd that really, really loves it,” said Cadieux. "They love it, they love seeing it … that makes it worthwhile for me to do it. ” 

Cadieux got the idea after using Lego and a post-per-day on social media to tell the story of former Toronto Maple Leafs owner Harold Ballard. 

"People clearly love stories of eccentric owners," he said.

After his Lego stories of Ballard had finished, he posted a social media poll asking about what project he should next pursue. To his suprise, the story of Pocklington won and the Red Deer resident set about researching and recreating the history of the team he grew up watching.  

Cadieux's series traces his stint as owner between 1976 and 1998, back to the beginning and a back-of-the-napkin deal with then-owner Nelson Skalbania that was sealed with Pocklington's wife's wedding ring.

Recent posts have introduced future Oiler legends Wayne Gretzky and Glen Sather to the story.

"I’m sure with Pocklington, and around Edmonton there’s probably a few people holding grudges.”

He says he's already fielding questions about his plans for a third series.