An Alberta couple competing on the Amazing Race Canada are hoping to do some good with their newfound platform.

Anthony Johnson and Dr. James Makokis are raising money to build a cultural healing centre in Kehewin Cree Nation.

The pair got the idea to build the centre after a similar one was built in Manitoba.

"This fundraiser really arose out of a need to have physical space on the reserve to provide access points for cultural activities, and other places for people to just come and hang,” said Jonhson. “There's housing shortages, there's water issues, there's not enough space so we can provide space for people to be comfortable, to talk about their culture, and be with elders. It's a necessity.”

Since the campaign began the couple have been able to raise approximately $20,000 of their $250,000 goal.

To help spur donations they have been offering custom-made gifts to donors, like t-shirts, hats and stickers.

They have also fundraised by setting up a GoFundMe account that has raised more than $4,500.

Kehewin is approximately 232 kilometres northeast of Edmonton.