EDMONTON -- A Chinese solar LED manufacturer is setting up its North American headquarters at EIA's Airport City.

The new company – WeFaces Technology Inc. – plans to research, develop and mass produce advanced solar panel lighting systems on airport property starting this fall.

"Collaboration with EIA will enable us to quickly develop our solar energy and intelligent control technologies and expand in the global market,"said CEO Vilens Lin, CEO of WeFaces Technology Inc. in a news release.

A product showcase area will also be set up at the airport with manufacturing expected to begin in 2022.

Airport officials say the private partnership will generate jobs and help diversify and grow Alberta's economy.

"This is a long-term approach to creating jobs and attracting investment to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region," said EIA President Tom Ruth in a news release.

"Our focus on innovation and technology developments, along with transportation partners, tourism and entertainment are making Airport City a major place to do business and invest in this region."

The release also states that by setting up at Airport City, the company will have access to air cargo services in the Foreign Trade Zone and will be close to rail transportation and the North American CANAMEX highway corridor.

The parent company of WeFaces Technology Inc. is China-based Nande Solar Energy Technology Co Ltd., which has solar projects in 65 countries around the world.