EDMONTON -- Owners of the Sugared & Spiced bakery aren’t sugar-coating their displeasure with the recent UCP government travel controversy, adding sweet treats like pineapple coconut cheesecakes, chocolate caramel macadamia nut tarts, and chocolate haupia pie tarts to their menu.

"It just seemed like a great time to do it right now,” said owner Jeff Nachtigall. “There's a lot of attention on whether people should be travelling or not.”

The owners say it’s a tasty way to celebrate the month when they too would typically travel to a sunny vacation destination. And a fun way to remind Albertans to stay home and avoid travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Let me be clear,” laughed Nachtigall, “we value honesty in our baking and we've never made a disingenuous tart and I wish other people could say the same things about the work they've put forward in public or private business."

At least six elected officials and three UCP staff members travelled abroad during the holidays, despite COVID-19 restrictions.