A black bear that was found wandering around St. Albert has been euthanized by wildlife authorities.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife told CTV News the bear sustained injuries when it was captured. After loading the bear to relocate it, authorities decided the animal had to be put down.

Residents first reported the bear to RCMP and Fish and Wildlife Friday evening. However, patrol officers were unable to find it.  

On Saturday, the bear was seen by a runner on a pathway in the area of Erindale Close shortly after 9 a.m. Saturday morning.

"A young jogger came by and she said, 'I think I saw a bear behind your house,' and we said, 'What?'" Darrell Seaton told CTV News.

He helped block the path to warn others coming through the area while authorities were called.

"My biggest concern was that someone could be coming along and walking a dog and if it was off the leash, that could be a problem," Seaton said.

He told CTV News the bear paced back and forth on the path before jumping into a backyard. It was then seen in the Elista Court neighbourhood, moving from yard to yard.

RCMP, peace officers and Fish and Wildlife authorities were all called to the scene and captured the animal shortly before noon.

Video shows the tranquilized bear falling from a tree.

“Officers intended to relocate the bear to a safe location that has natural food sources for bears to eat and somewhere where they’re not going to come into conflict with humans again,” a statement from Dan Laville, communications director with Alberta Justice and Solicitor General.

“Upon examination of the bear, it was determined that the bear had suffered injuries in the process of being immobilized and would not survive if released. For these reasons, officers had to make the difficult choice to put the bear down.”  

Earlier in the day, Marc Foisy of the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch said the bear appeared to be about three years old.

"We're not sure what attracted it here," Foisy said, noting the area is surrounded by bear habitat.

"Usually they're attracted by debris and garbage, but we can't confirm that for this one."

The department reminded residents to store garbage in bear-resistant and odour-proof containers or buildings.