EDMONTON -- The City of Beaumont is trying its hand at 3D crosswalks again, but this time it is using new technology.

The 3D crosswalks were intended to stand out to drivers and make them pay more attention in school zones, as a way of reducing accidents.

The previous attempts at 3D crosswalks received a flat reception from residents at the time.

“I think the idea is great but it doesn’t really come across as intended I feel,” said Wendy Wegner, a Beaumont resident, in 2019 about a crosswalk that had recently been installed.

The new crosswalks are made with materials like flat Lego pieces that are fitted together and then melted onto the asphalt. The previous crosswalks were painted onto the street.

“The art is in the science,” said Wade Robichaud of ATS Traffic. “If you don’t pay attention to the anamorphic reliability, you won’t really get that 3D popping effect from when you’re looking down towards it.”

“The idea is you want that effect to pop and look like the crosswalk is floating across the road surface to help drive awareness.”

3D crosswalk in Beaumont

The City of Beaumont said this instillation will be the first if its kind in Canada.

The crosswalk is being installed and funded by ATS Traffic, which was behind the previous ones.