EDMONTON -- Two 3D crosswalks in Beaumont might be disappointing some residents, but there is a third one in the works.

The city told CTV News Edmonton that they had been approached by ATS Traffic who had offered to install a third 3D crosswalk for free.

“They’ve offered to install one using much higher quality material and equipment in the installation process at no cost to the city and the value is about $12,000,” said Mike Berezowsky with the City of Beaumont.

ATS Traffic is working with European company Geveko Markings which previously installed a 3D crosswalk in the city of Tauranga in New Zealand in 2018.

“We’re hopeful that that works better, if not, we still have two perfectly functioning crosswalks here that we’ve painted and we’re getting an additional crosswalk at no cost to the city.”

The city says that even if the crosswalks aren’t dazzling residents, this is an innovative idea they don’t regret trying.

“It was a new thing for us and our contractor, it was something that we hadn’t applied in Beaumont before and actually hasn’t been applied I think, to my knowledge, widely in Canada just yet.”

“I think the idea is great but it doesn’t really come across as intended I feel,” said Wendy Wegner, a Beaumont resident.

Lauren Detta, another resident said, “not painted very well and a lot of people don’t slow down for it.”

When the project was originally announced in July, Beaumont Mayor John Stewart hoped the 3D effect would get people to slow down around the crosswalks.

“In theory they’re supposed to pop out visually and catch the driver’s eye so that the driver might pay more attention as they approach a crosswalk,” said Berezowsky.

“It would have been better to probably just spend the extra money for the lights there,” said Detta.

The City of Beaumont says the crosswalks cost $1,000 each, which is $400 more than a regular crosswalk, and they might not be permanent.

“It’s temporary paint to see if it actually works,” said Berezowsky.

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s Amanda Anderson