EDMONTON -- If you want to sit down for a meal inside an Alberta eatery, you will be asked to provide some contact information.

The requirement of restaurants, pubs and cafes to obtain names and phone numbers from at least one member of a dining party is what separates this round of reopening in the hospitality industry from previous ones.


You can still only dine with people from your household (max six per table), unless you are single (then you are allowed up to two close contacts). Last call for alcohol is 10 p.m. and dining ends at 11:00 p.m.

Entertainment like VLTs remain closed.


Albertans under the age of 18 can participate in indoor athletics again, but the activities have to happen in much smaller groups and no actual games can take place.

Activities such as lessons, practices and conditioning are permitted in groups of 10 or less including coaches and trainers (who can be over 18). Participants must stay physically distanced at all times, according to the new measures.

Step 1 also allows K-12 and post-secondary school sport and performance activities, such as physical education classes.


The new allowances for gyms really only apply to personal trainers and people who can afford to hire them.

All one-on-one household and individual training is permitted in Alberta and it must be by appointment only. For example, private figure skating or dance lessons.

Trainers must wear a mask but their clients may not. If there is more than a single one-on-one session happening in the same facility, the client/trainer pairs must be at least three metres apart.