EDMONTON -- A long-standing general store north of Westlock was burned to the ground in an early morning fire Monday.

Flames were seen shooting out of the Jarvie General Store, about 108 kilometres northwest of Edmonton.

There were no injuries.

RCMP are now investigating the fire.

Many residents of the small community of Jarvie, population 87, took to social media to remember the mainstay business.

"We all lost a piece of our childhood," Michelle Theriault told CTV News Edmonton. "We used to buy mojos for one cent. The old crush bottles. An old farmer used to drive his tractor for groceries. That store was a part of Alberta history."

She estimated the store had been in operation for at least 110 years.

"Oh Jeez, it was priceless, absolutely priceless," said Marvin Penny.

The building's owner declined an interview but told CTV News that it's too soon to say if he'll rebuild, and that' he's grateful two upstairs tenants escaped without harm.

A cause has not yet been determined.