EDMONTON -- The city set some new restrictions for the Pekiwewin camp next to REMAX Field on Thursday.

The camp was set up after the EXPO centre closed to Edmonton’s homeless community.

City staff will allow the camp to stay open, provided there are no COVID-19 outbreaks, violent incidents or weather emergencies.

The city said it has provided the camp with basic necessities for cleanliness and sanitation to prevent COVID, including 4,000 disposable masks and funding for portable toilets and garbage cans.

Officials are also working with Homeward Trust to help those in the camp who are experiencing homelessness to get resources to find permanent housing.

Peace officers have also been deployed to monitor the camp to help support the Rossdale community. The officers are tasked with making sure the camp doesn’t extend past current boundaries, and facilitating communication between the camp and members of the community.