EDMONTON -- Tim Caulfield is always up for new health innovations. But he's quick to tell you that Gwyneth Paltrow is not selling science.

The Edmonton professor, author and television host watched Paltrow's new Netflix show The Goop Lab and was not impressed.

"Most of it, at least what I saw, is complete nonsense," he said on CTV Morning Live Edmonton.

The Goop Lab is a six-episode series that launched Friday. It claims to explore "boundary-pushing wellness topics" for viewers, including psychedelics and energy healing.

Caulfield says it's all pseudoscience and should not be taken seriously.

"The spread of health misinformation in pop culture can do real harm, just giving exposure to this is problematic," he said. "These are human beings spending all that money on stuff that probably does not work."

The show includes disclaimers and says it is not providing medical advice.

But Caulfield worries that the options are being presented as recommendations.

"There are people with mental health issues that are trying psychedelics, there are people who have cancer and they have side effects as a result of that and they're trying energy healing," he said. "These are serious conditions and it's implied through these stories that that it works."

"Let's not forget, this is an infomercial for her brand, this is not a public health announcement. This is an infomercial for her $250 million company," he said. "I say stay away."