A day after a letter was posted on the doors of the Edmonton Ski Club, notifying the organization that the lease for the club would be terminated as of early December, the City Councillor for that area said he was optimistic as to the club’s future.

Letters posted on the club’s doors indicated the City of Edmonton’s lease for the river valley ski club would be terminated as of December 10.

The city said it is working to keep the club where it is, just off of Connor’s Hill, but plans need to be put in place for Gallagher Park before that happens.

Last season, the city gave the club money to help them get through in the interim.

“I think their decision to not operate this year, which I was disappointed by, was really so they could re-group and come back in the future,” Ward 8 Councillor Ben Henderson told CTV News. “I don’t think it was anticipated as a closure.”

Another document posted on the door of the club indicated access to a portion of the building has been blocked – the south side of the building has been condemned.

The club has struggled financially in recent years.