EDMONTON -- The body of a black bear was dumped illegally in a ditch near Lloydminster on Sunday, Alberta Fish and Wildlife said.

Officers determined the bear had been shot legally on private land, but that the carcass was improperly disposed of.

The person who shot the bear was ticketed for littering, Fish and Wildlife said.

"Owners or occupants of privately owned land or any person authorized to keep livestock on public land may, without a licence, hunt (but not trap) black bear on such lands, at all times of the year," a Government of Alberta spokesperson said.

The woman who reported the carcass, Angie Atkinson, says bears are a common sight in the area.

"We're not that far from the North Saskatchewan River, so there's lots of ravines," said Atikinson. "Once in a while, I'll see scat along the road but they're just trotting down the road and don't seem to be much of a problem."

Officials say animal carcasses should be disposed of at a waste management facility or on private land.