Officials at Fort Edmonton Park have released details on their plans to expand the facility, and their strategy to turn it into western Canada’s biggest cultural attraction.

The Fort Edmonton Management Company plans to expand parts of the existing park to encourage visitors to keep coming back.

“It’s families and school groups, most people come once in their life, most people are first time visitors, the best way to double your visitors is to get them to come back a second time,” Darren Dalgleish, with the Fort Edmonton Management Company, said.

Funding for the expansion is coming through a $165 million grant.

Officials hope to create a world-class Indigenous cultural experience, including interactive displays, and doubling the existing midwayand its signature Ferris wheel.

Dalgleish said the company hopes to create “edgy unique experiences” to make Fort Edmonton Park stand out.

The park will close to the public after the summer season, which is set to end September 3, 2018. While work is underway, the park will remain open for certain public and private events.

The Fort Edmonton Management Company says the project is expected to be completed by May 2021.

With files from David Ewasuk