Just in time for Canada Day weekend, Albertans will be able to drink at 14 provincial day-use picnic sites while consuming food.

The ban on drinking at the specified sites ends at noon on Friday.

The 14 sites have a total of about 200 picnic tables between them, and are located all over the province.

The picnic sites that will allow drinking include:

South Region

  • Beauvais Lake Provincial Park (Beaver Creek day use)
  • Cypress Hills Provincial Park (East Elkwater day use)
  • Dinosaur Provincial Park (main day use)

Kananaskis Country

  • Little Elbow Provincial Recreation Area (Forget-me-not Pond day use)
  • Spray Valley Provincial Park (Wedge Pond day use)
  • Fish Creek Provincial Park (Hulls Wood day use)
  • Cobble Flats Provincial Recreation Area (Cobble Flats day use)

Central Region

  • Miquelon Lake Provincial Park (main day use)
  • Pigeon Lake Provincial Park (main day use)
  • William A. Switzer Provincial Park (Kelly’s Bathtub day use)

Northeast Region

  • Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park (day-use C picnic shelter)
  • Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area (day-use picnic shelter
  • Whitney Lakes Provincial Park (Ross Lake day-use shelter)


  • Saskatoon Island Provincial Park (main day use)